Tramadol vs Tapentadol: Which one is good for Chronic Pain, where to get online?

Chronic pain can be detrimental to anyone. It immobilizes you from your daily activity. To counter the chronic pain, doctors often prescribe Tramadol or Tapentadol. Even though both of these two drugs contain similar substances, they work differently. Let’s take a deep dive and see the difference between these two drugs.

In the battle of Tramadol vs TapenTadol, Tramadol is the older drug. In the year 1977, Tramadol came into the market. For nearly half a century, this medicine has been used to treat chronic pain. However, times have changed, and people are looking for better alternatives. Thus the question arises, “is Tramadol better”?

After comparing Tramadol 100mg vs TapenTadol 100mg, many scientists have found that these two medicines work differently. In clinical tests, they have noticed that these medicines affect different pain receptors to manage chronic pain. Here are the comparisons of both drugs.


● Tramadol is a pro-drug and depends on the metabolism of the liver to function.
● The effect of this medicine depends on the metabolism rate of the patient.
● Cytochrome p450 enzymes in the liver help this medicine to dilute into the bloodstream.
● In some patients, this medicine acts similar to morphine because it affects mu-opioid receptors.
● This medicine may generate side effects in those patients who have renal/liver disease.
● This medicine is not suitable for older patients.


● TapenTadol is not a pro-drug, and the metabolism function of the liver doesn’t affect it.
● The metabolism rate of the patient doesn’t affect this drug.
● TapenTadol generates a non-adrenaline reuptake inhibitor effect in your body. It acts like oxycodone.
● This medicine generates fewer side effects.
● Patients with moderate renal/liver problems can take this medicine under clinical observation.
● A patient with up to 80 years of age can take this medicine under clinical observation.

After seeing the comparison between Tramadol vs TapenTadol you may think that TapenTadol better. But, it is not prudent to come to any conclusion so quickly as the effect of medicine changes from subject to subject. Although TapenTadol is a potent drug, excessive use of this medicine may cause harm.

Various scientific studies are going around on these two drugs, and the efficiency of the medicines is still debatable. It is better not to choose a medicine based on articles on the internet, as the medical conditions that you hold will be unique. Ask your doctor to know more about the difference between Tramadol vs TapenTadol. And, let the doctor pick the right medicine for you. You can find numerous online pharmacies where you can buy both the medicines with and without prescriptions.

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